Sunday, January 10, 2010

Casper Dream

Jacquelyn Wilson wrote a book called Midnight that I sort-of-but-didn't-read. (I read everything over my friend Monica's shoulder. It annoys her a lot, but that's not why I do it, in case you're suspicious.) In it, there's a girl named Violet who's favorite author in the whole world is Casper Dream. He writes books about fairies and she always sends letters to him. One day, she runs away (I think) and visits Casper Dream. And she finds out she was his first ever fan! Wouldn't that be so cool if it happened to you? I mean, imagine it. You're alone, lonely, tired and upset (which was how I guess Violet was, because she'd just seen her older brother Will kissing her best friend Jasmine). You walk up to the cottage you know is your favorite author Milenda Stream's because you've memorized the address on the back of the books. (I don't know if that's what actually happened, but hey-we need details to picture it properly.) You press on the doorbell and you can it ringing inside the house. Then it opens and THERE SHE IS!!! For the first time in your life, you are seeing THE Milenda Stream! She invites you in and so you go inside, your head feeling light. You sit down and have a chat with your favorite author and then she recognizes you! She says, "Oh, you're Gertrude Johnson? The one who sends me all those letters? I'm very pleased to meet you! Imagine! I'm finally meeting my very first fan!" Ack. Shock. Revelation. Light-headedness. Maybe you might even faint. All in all, it would be an extremely pleasant experince and probably made up for seeing your friend and brother betraying you.
My Middle Name: Gertrude
Misc Fact of the Day: After Barbie (as in the doll) broke up with Ken, she met an Australian guy named Blaine, who had a sister named Summer.
I know it's weird and useless, but it's misc, remember?


  1. Second misc. fact of today:
    Am indocannibal eats only his/her friends, while an exocannibal eats only his/her enemies.

  2. If you eat your friends, won't they become your enemies anyway?

  3. Well, if you eat your friends, you won't really have any friends. You will have more enemies, whom you can't eat, because you are an indocanibal and it is against your policy to eat them. Then you will be made very uncomfortable. Or dead.
    If you eat your enemies, you have your enemies' friends to contend with. You must eat them. And so on. You will be very full. And possibly explode.
    In case you want to convert to cannibalism (providing you aren't one already), don't be picky about who you eat. And then leave town as soon as possible. Or eat the town.
    But then you will explode.